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Improving the lives of Feral Cats in Central Florida through Trap-Neuter-Return
Welcome to

We are so excited you stopped by for a visit. That must mean you are a rock star and want to
help the cats in Central Florida. Thank you for that! Just a few housekeeping tips to get out of the way before we move onto the next steps.

We are sure you know by now but CARE Feline TNR, Inc works with outdoor, community cats only. If you are visiting our site to get your indoor cat fixed we recommend to reach out to other resources in the community.

By continuing to receive resources or book appointments through CARE Feline TNR, Inc
I agree to the following items:

1. Each cat must be in its own metal humane trap lined with newspaper (preferably) and covered with a towel/sheet. If the cat arrives to the clinic in a carrier it will be turned away.
2. For the safety of the cat please do not offer it food after 11:00PM the night before the appointment.
3. If you arrive late to the appointment you will be turned away and any booking fees will not be refunded.
4. If you do not display proper behavior at the clinics you will be refused service and any booking fees will not be refunded.
5. Each cat sterilized at our clinics will receive vaccinations and an ear tip. Additional services may be purchased at the clinic the day of the service.
6. Each cat presented for Trap-Neuter-Return surgery will be ear tipped. This is the universal sign to identify the cat as a sterile feline.
7. We do not permit cats to be adopted out after surgery. These appointments are for feral, outdoor, free-roaming cats only.
8. Any fees owed to the clinic must be paid at the clinic prior to retrieval of the cats.
9. Any cats not picked up at the clinic at pick up time and/or clinic closing time will be surrendered to Animal Control.
10. I will not hold any volunteer, staff member or any other persons representing CARE Feline TNR or our clinic partners responsible for issues that may arise. This does include but is not limited to further medical conditions or death with the cat, injury or death to yourself or others.




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